Frequently Asked Questions: Wedding Edition

Q: Why should we pick you to be our photographer?

A: We are very serious about our relationship-driven approach to photography! We take the time to get to know you long before the cameras ever come out of the bag. Good chemistry helps us deliver powerful images that are authentically "you". You'll never get a sales pitch or any pressure tactics from us. Our greatest joy in this business is meeting cool people and earning the honor and privilege of sharing in their lives through all the emotion and excitement of the wedding experience.


Q: Do you offer engagement or bridal sessions? What about large prints or canvases? What about custom albums?

A: All of the above, yes! We offer 4 choices of Collections that have been carefully designed to meet the needs of our clients. We also offer many choices in a la carte options for clients who prefer to pick and choose.


Q: Why are you more expensive / less expensive than XYZ Photography?

A: We have spent thousands of hours (and dollars) developing our craft to ensure that we consistently deliver the "wow" to every single client. Anyone can show you a couple of beautiful images, but our Collections are excellent from start to finish. We recognize that enjoying the services of a professional wedding photographer is a luxury, and that many brides are working with a limited budget. We make every effort to provide the absolute maximum value for our client's investment. There are plenty of options out there that are less expensive, but we believe your wedding photographer is the most important vendor you select. Think of your photographer not as an expense, but as an investment! Many years from now, you and your family will still be enjoying the prints and albums from your big day. With wedding photography, more so than many other industries, you really do get what you pay for.


Q: How much time is included in your Collections?

A: As much time as is necessary! We don't count the hours when we're covering your big day. Our only concern is capturing the story of your wedding, from makeup and hair to the big getaway.


Q: Do you have a second photographer working with you, or an assistant?

A: All of our Collections include the services of a second professional photographer that we have carefully vetted for our clients. Additionally, my lovely wife, Alison, is my partner for almost all our weddings (I'll never call her an assistant!) and she's a huge help with logistics and making sure everything runs smoothly, especially during the formal portraits.


Q: How long does it take to get our pictures back after the wedding?

A: We consistently get compliments on how quickly we deliver our client's images. Our goal is to have them back to you in 4 weeks or less, but many times we've been able to have them waiting for our clients when they get back from their honeymoon!


Q: Do I get digital copies of my pictures, and do I have to use your lab for all my printing needs?

A: Each of our Collections include a full-size copy of every image we deliver. We deliver our images on custom Captured Photography USB drives. We also provide you convenient online download of your entire Collection. Although you're not required to use our lab for all your printing needs, we highly recommend that you avoid using the super cheap labs at a pharmacy or big box store to get prints made. Stick to a professional lab who only does photography products and you'll usually get much better results.


Q: How many pictures do you take? How many will you deliver?

A: We are definitely not a believer in "spray and pray" photography. We don't deliver 14 versions of the same picture or subject our clients to filing through 4000 images to find the ones they really love. Our goal is to only deliver beautiful, powerful images that you'll want to go back and look at over and over again for years to come. The exact number of images we deliver will vary, but it's generally around 300-400 completed pictures.


Q: How much editing do you do with your pictures? I have this _______ that I really don't want to see!

A: Every single image we deliver will get our signature processing treatment. We make sure each and every picture is sharp and vibrant. On the formal portraits, we do minor airbrushing to make sure everyone in the wedding party and family looks their best. For our clients that select a Collection with a custom album, the images selected for the album get more special attention to give each page extra "pop".


Q: Ok, about those albums... Do I get a say in how my album looks?

A: Absolutely. After we deliver your completed Collection, you will go into your private gallery on our website and select your favorites. Depending on how many pages you've selected for your album, the number of pictures we recommend you choose will vary. We'll then take your favorite pictures and design a custom, hardbound album using only your favorites. Once we've completed our design, we'll give you a link where you can see everything and give your approval. If you're not happy, you can request a revision of your album design for no charge. After you're completely thrilled with your album, we send it to the printers and a couple weeks later, your album arrives at your door!
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